Espray Electrostatic Fogging Machine

The Espray electrostatic fogger makes sanitising a breeze!

Espray electrostatic fogging machine

Contact us to find out more about the new Fimap Espray Electrostatic fogging machine. Designed to be used everywhere, the battery powered Espray applies an electrostatic charge to sanitising fluid which causes micro droplets of disinfectant to cling to the surfaces which you are treating.

When opening work areas to staff and guests, it is essential to take steps to minimise risk to persons using the space of contracting coronavirus infection. The virus which causes Covid-19 will persist for hours on hard surfaces, and people using office equipment or touching work surfaces can unknowingly spread the disease. An effective solution is to apply sanitiser to surfaces which persons are likely to come into contact with, ensuring the disinfectant has sufficient time to do its work. Electrostatic sanitising fog coats surfaces evenly, providing excellent infection control without harming your equipment while using the minimum amount of chemical, saving you time and money.

The robust 18V battery powered Espray electrostatic hand held fogger is ergonomic, lightweight and easy to use. Developed in Italy by leading cleaning equipment manufacturers Fimap, the new Espray fogger is in high demand. Call us on 0113 220 4080 to order today.